Interim Results

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz received the Shaping Diversity certificate within the framework of the Stifterverband's Diversity Audit process. This accreditation recognizes Mainz University's efforts in establishing a diversity-oriented university culture. JGU is thus among the 25 German universities that have successfully completed the process; another 19 universities are currently taking part in the audit.
Interim Evaluation
The interim findings resulting from the subprojects and the overall project ‘diversity’ were given a positive assessment during the workshop on 12 July 2016. Moreover, JGU received special recognition for the establishment of a coordination office for diversity, funded by the Higher Education Pact III. The office is designed to integrate diversity as a cross-sectional topic in the university processes. The subprojects will continue to implement the measures in their respective fields of action until the completion of the auditing process on 13 February 2017. If you are interested in the concrete planning and current implementation steps, feel free to contact us.
Planning of strategy and measures

On 01/02 October 2015 the second Diversity Forum took place at JGU. The discussion between the participating universities was centered on the topic ‘Anti-discrimination - equal opportunities - diversity. Area of tension or continuum?’.

At the strategy workshop on 7 October 2015 it was decided that, beyond the establishment of further (disadvantage-compensating’) measures, JGU aims to ensure an environment that allows for and values different needs, requirements and demands in all parts of campus life, including teaching, exam situations, administrative processes and daily interactions. Accordingly, the measures should not only focus on eliminating existing deficits. Rather, an understanding of diversity as differences and similarities and as enrichment and opportunity should be established.

On 14 December 2015 the operative workshop took place at JGU. In the context of the auditing process, JGU develops measures concerning the following fields of action. The measures are currently being developed in subprojects.

  •  Study conditions and university teaching
  •  Human resources development for university teachers
  •  Development of a research design for diversity monitoring

Furthermore, regular meetings of the steering group, the coordination group and the working group ‘diversity’ take place.

Starting the process

The auditing process was officially opened on 11/12 February 2015. It started with the first Diversity Forum attended by all participating universities in Leipzig.

At JGU, external auditor Dr. Daniela De Ridder held the first workshop on 6 July 2015. Among the participants were members of the steering group, the coordinating group as well as of the working group ‘diversity’. Following a keynote speech by Dr. Daniela De Ridder the participants discussed among other things the importance of student diversity for teaching.


July – Dec 2014: Conducting and evaluating a student survey

A student survey conducted at JGU supports nation-wide findings that show the lack of equal opportunities when it comes to university entrance, finding one’s way within academic structures and academic success. The results show:

  • A relatively high percentage of students from a migrant background
  • A relatively high percentage of first-generation students
  • A relatively high percentage of students without conventional university entrance qualification

In parts, these student groups have significantly poorer results/ opportunities.

Sep – Nov 2014: Compiling of extensive self-evaluation report

JGU offers numerous diversity-oriented programs and measures designed to meet the needs of specific target groups. Most of these target group specific services co-exist as autonomous institutions which conveys a chaotic image for outsiders. Thus, a diversity-oriented approach that views the matter in its entirety is still lacking.

Preliminary stages
  • 2013/2014 Participating in the diversity-audit prepared by the task force ‘diversity’ (Sarah Kirschmann, the President’s Personal Assistant; Dr. Maria Lau, employee at the Center for Quality Assurance and Development/ Office of Gender Affairs and Equal Opportunity; Stefanie Schmidberger, head of the Family Services Center)
  • August 2014 application to the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Donors' Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany)
  • September 2014 set-up of the Project ‘Diversity’