Diversity strategy

Developing and implementing a diversity strategy is the first step towards targeted diversity management at JGU. Given the growing diversity of our members, the intended diversity strategy aims at taking into account all status groups at JGU.

Therefore, we have involved as many members as possible in the strategic development process from the very beginning. In addition to the steering group and the coordinating group which both accompanied the auditing process, the working group ‘diversity’ was founded. On the 27th of June (2017) members of the university - including the authorities, students, faculty staff and members of the central adminstration and student srvices – discussed the further development of the diversity strategy

The diversity strategy of JGU aims at the following:

  • All members of JGU – regardless of age, gender, race, national origin, social and ethnic background, religion, sexual identity and orientation, physical abilities and individual life style – should be able to participate fully and equally in university life.
  • Students’ academic success should not depend on aforementioned characteristics.
  • Excellent research and teaching need to be ensured. In doing so, we increase potential for innovation.
  • The homogenous character of academic environment is to be dismantled.
  • We strive for a cultural change that sees the growing diversity of students and employees as an opportunity and enrichment rather than as a problem.