Diversity-oriented teaching

In the concept of diversity-oriented teaching, diversity is not regarded solely as a challenge but also as an opportunity and a way of enriching the way teaching and individual courses can be organized; it incorporates students’ diverse assumptions and background experiences.
Diversity-oriented teaching is designed to allow everyone to participate and creates an inclusive learning environment that facilitates optimal development for all participants.
Diversity-oriented teaching also prepares students for life in (professional) contexts in which diversity is a social reality.
As part of its diversity audit, the “Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft’ in Germany has published a white paper on the subject of diversity-oriented teaching at university entitled “Diversitätsorientierte Lehre – diversitätsorientierte Hochschuldidaktik“. This paper contains not only a detailed definition of the term, but also describes various issues relating to diversity-oriented teaching skills as well as the implications for education at the tertiary level.