Operative coordinating group

 The coordinating group is responsible for the operational implementation of the auditing process. All status groups are represented.

  • General Students' Committee (William Frye)
  • Experts (Prof. Christian Schemer, Communication Studies, Department of Communication Faculty 02, research focus: communication about and prejudices against social groups)
  • Gender Equality Representative of the Senate (Dr. Kristina Pfarr, Deputy)
  • Member of steering group (Sarah Kirschmann, Head of the Excellence Strategy Project)
  • Project Manager Diversity (Dr. Maria Lau)
  • Learning and Teaching (Tanja Meyer, Deputy Head of Department)
  • Member of the Mainz chapter of arbeiterkind.de (Nadine Schäfer)
  • Dean Faculty 08 Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science (Prof. Dr. Concettina Sfienti, Head of the Irène Joliot-Curie-Program, Cluster of Excellence PRISMA)
  • Departmental Advisory Services (Hannah Klumpp, advisor for vocationally qualified medical students, Faculty 04)
  • Study Management (Dr. Andreas Frings, Subject Manager and Head of the Student Advising Office, Institute of History, Faculty 07)
  • Center for Quality Assurance and Development (PD Dr. Manfred Herzer, Deputy Head of Department/ University Didactics Rhineland-Palatinate)